Arunachal- Early Sunrises, Buddhism & Himalayas: When a travelogue contains road trips to a state with the Himalayas, More often than not you will find a journey filled with scenic routes and beautiful destinations with various challenges. On top of that, if a state is a Buddhist State then you will see a lot of colourful flags and Monasteries throughout your journey. But what’s new and more interesting about this one is the incredible war stories of the 1962 Indo-China War that happened in this part of the world. If you want to know the magnitude of these stories, Imagine you are watching the Bahubali movie but replace Prabhash with the Jaswant Singh Rawat who defended the entire post alone by killing more than 300 Chinese soldiers. knowing these stories gave me goosebumps. So here is my new travelogue : Arunachal: Early Sunrises, Buddhism & Himalayas


Meghalaya - The Paradise of North East : Our generation would judge a person not just by his wealth but how well travelled a person is. more than 50% of the Insta reels or Tick Tok videos are related to Travel. Travellers like me who wished to explore India would have the northeast on their bucket lists. Amongst, all these Seven states, Meghalaya would be considered the most tourist-friendly state with a variety of site seeing places such as Root bridges and Crystal clear water of the River Dawki. Recently, I had been to the Northeast where I had travelled to Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal and Nagaland. To know my experience in Meghalaya please click here


Roadtrip to Rajasthan : Since the Day, I brought my Bumblebee ( thunderbird 500x ) from Bengaluru, I wanted to go on a bike trip to Rajasthan. Unfortunately, all my friends were busy. Due to this, I had to travel Solo. Finally, I gathered courage and made all the bookings. On this trip, I had experienced Royal Palaces, magnificent Lakes, Historical Forts, Bollywood connections, Adventure Sports, Rajsthani Folk culture, Authentic Rajasthani Food and Sand Dunes of Jaisalmer. The ride itself was nothing less than an adventure. 2467 Kilometres in 9 days. That too, Solo. I had divided the entire journey into TWO parts, Mewar and Marwar.
Please click here to read my experience of Rajasthan Leg I, Mewar
Please click here to read my experience of Rajasthan Leg II, Marwar.


Kumaon on my Wheels, Uttarakhand : Post Covid19 First wave, As soon as travel became safe, I planned Bike Trip to Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. One of the least explored travel destinations. It was a seven day road trip. On which we drove 800+ kilometers and traveled various destinations such as Kausani, Chakauri, Patal Bhuwaneshwar and the hidden gems of the India, Munsiyari. On the way, I faced many difficulties and created incredible memories. To know more about this amazing journey please click here


The World Heritage City, Hampi - is one of the places a traveller should visit once in their life. Not only you will able to witness the rich heritage of Vijayanagara city but also you could able to experience hippie lifestyle at hippie island just across the river Tungabhadra. Apart from goa, there aren't many places where you could experience a hippie lifestyle. So this has to be in todo/checklist of one seeking different travel experiences. Here's my experience


Badami - Glorious Era of Chalukyas! - A great offbeat place with an incredible history. It is one of the oldest heritage sites of India. Back in the early 8th century, Chalukyas were ruling Badami which was also one of the wealthiest kingdoms of India. The place has three heritage sites named Badami, Aihole and Pattadakal. Amongst them, Badami is the most famous one. Click here to know more about these places and my experiences there.


Dev Bhoomi - Uttarakhand It became a yearly thing now. Every year, I travel to different Parts of Himalayas for a Week or Two. This time, I went to the Dev Bhoomi Rishikesh. And, For the first time, It wasn't a Bike Trip. I visited a Badrinath Temple, Attended Ganga Aarti in Rishikesh, Did Adventures like Bungee Jumping, River Rafting and explored relatively less known destination, AULI. What else a Traveler can do on a trip right? And these all in just 6 Days and without any hassle. Well, If you are looking for an Itinerary and a place for your Next Travel Destination or You like to read about tales of traveller than you are at right place, please Clicking here to read my Tale of Uttarakhand.


South East Asia Leg II - Vietnam was the country I had visited after Malaysia. It was 5 days trip and filled with few of the best site seeing places in the World. We landed in Hanoi and explored north Vietnam uncluding the place known as descending Dragon - Halong Bay. Then we traveled to Da Nang to visit the famous Amuesment park Sun City and The Golden Bridge and ended the trip with an amazing Hoi An Village which was the Solo part of my travel. Interesting?? read more by Clicking here


South East Asia Leg I - Malaysia - Recently I took a trip to south east Asia where I had visited Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand. It was 18 days trip where I started from Malaysia and visited Vietnam and Thailand later. In Malaysia I had been to Langkawi, Penang and Kuala Lampur in total 6 days. To read about this malaysia leg please Click here


BHUTAN - Country of Thunder DRAGON! - This story is about the Internation Leg of my recent Bike trip to Sikkim & Bhutan. I spent 5 Days in Bhutan and traveled Capital Thimpu, Paro village and Tiger's Nest Monastery. Also visited High altitude Passes - Dochula Pass and Chelela Pass. To read about my bhutan experiences please Click here


Sikkim - Land with magical Landscapes : Every year, I visit different part of Himalayas. Being a passionate traveler, I have traveled to various parts of India to learn about place and the culture. Though I never got chance to visit North-East India. Hence, I decided to visit Sikkim - the last Kingdom merged in India. In terms of natural beauty, Sikkim has incredibly vercetile & magical landscapes. To read about my this Adventure, Please click on this link Click here


KUTCHH - Kuch Din To Gujaro Gujarat Main!
The day Modiji had inaugurated Rann Utsav in Kutchh, I wanted to visit it. But after this visit, I realized there is lot more in Kutchh than the Rann (White Desert). It has the famous excavated Hadappa City, beautiful Mandvi beach, many palaces such as PragMahal Palace & the famous Vijay Vilas Palace, Lakhpat - India's last village of Western End. Kutchh culture is very rich and colorful. Their handicrafts are best in the world and ofcourse, their food - Delicious! to experience my this travel please Click here


Rayalaseema - A Deadly Terrain, The Great Indian Canyon of Gandikota, Belum Cave & Windy Horsely Hills!
I heard a lot about Rayalaseema. Ofcourse from my friends of Andhra Pradesh and from the South indian movies. That's why I always wanted to visit that place. Finally, I planned a road trip to explore the deadly Rayalaseema on my Karizma. On this trip, We visited the Lepakshi temple - an archeological site followed by The great Indian Canyon of Gandikota via deadly terrain of Rayalaseema. Next Day we visited 1.5 km long Belum caves followed by windy and cold Hill station, Horsely Hills. It was a different trip in terms of the places we visited. To know my this adventure please Click here


Things To Do in GOA It took me three trips to figure out, Things to do in Goa! Let me know if you agreed with it or not! Here's the List, Click on Read more


Yercaud – A Weekend Gateway From Bangalore Yercaud is 220km away from Bangalore. It has all the things a good hill station should have, A WaterFalls, Valley View Points, Amazing Roads with full of Hairpin Bands which is good enough to tempt any rider and small hiking with adventure sports like QAUD Biking and Ziplin. Here is my Travelogue on Small bike trip to Yercaud. click on Read more


SPITI - An Adventurous Journey to Heaven! Spiti is more then just a word, it is Himalayan Culture. A place where you can find your true self. A trip one must take because it has incredible landscapes, rivers, Buddhist Culture and temples of Kinnaur, Plus lakes at insane heights and its beauty will make you speechless. These places are so beautiful that even without network and internet I wasn't bored and of course at night you can see sky full of stars with milky-way! After this trip you will definately fall in love with the word "Spiti". If you are really a travel freak then this blog, though its long, won't disappoint you! Tales of my this amazing journey is just a Click away :)


KANNUR & WAYANAD - A Journey from Mountains to Arabic Ocean! This is a trip where I visited mountain ranges of Wayanad to Sea shore of Arabic Occean at Kannur. Best part of this trip was the routes we travelled. They were Scenic, Scary, full of Remote and densed Forest of Kerala. To know more please click on Read more Read More


Panchgani,Mahabaleshwar - A Weekend Gateway from Mumbai-Pune! In the month of August I have been to this place with my school frnds. The place was amazing weekend gateway from Pune/Mumbai and definately one to visit in Monsoon even though they consider it off season. To see the pics and read my travel tale of Panchagani Mahabaleshwar please click on Read More