South East Asia Leg III - Thailand

I was really excited for Thailand. As I was going to learn Scuba Diving and Ofcourse, meeting Jai. that too, after 2 years. with him I started ridding and had so many bike trips across the South India.

Welcome to Thailand!

Chapter I - Explore the Heritage Village Ayuththya

I had only one day for site seeing. During this trip, only unexplored type of places was a heritage site. You know what? Thailand had a Heritage city named Ayuththya. Indeed! It was no brainer for me to decide which place to visit in Thailand. I went to Ayuththya. On the way, I stopped by a Royal Palace Bang Pa-In. It was having modern architecture and may be that was the reason I wasn't much exicted for it.

Bang Pa-In Royal Palace

Ayuththya was an hour drive from the Palace. As soon as our bus entered the Ayuththya, I was able to see various ruins around the city from my bus. It was… It was amazing. Even though, more than 90% of structures were destroyed, It was still looking incredibly great.

There were many such temples around the city but as I had limited time on my hand, I stopped by the main one. Almost all the Buddha statues’ head were destroyed from their Body. Imagine, What if this heritage site wasn’t destroyed, we could able to know how great our ancient architecture was! While roaming around the temple, I was able to feel the past glory of Ayuththya.

There is Beauty in everything... Even in Destructions such as this One!
Isn't it Incredible???
One of the Few Buddhas left with their Head on their Body!!! Shame on those who had done it :(

People who like to visit Ayuththya should stay here for at least couple of days. With this, we had visited one more ruined site and a temple. But those were not as huge as the Main site.

Everyone love to sleep, Even Buddha ;)

Chapter II - Explore BKK from Cruise

We got into the Bus and headed back to Bangkok. After two hours of journey, we reached to a port on river "Chao Phraya". We boarded the Cruise from there. Journey started with a delicious lunch where I had yummyyyy Thai food. Later, I went on top of the Cruise. What a view!!! It was completely different experience to explore a city from the River than vai Roads. Ofcourse! Watching magnificent Bangkok's Skyline from the Cruise was one of the MUST DOs of Bangkok. After spending 2 hours in the Cruise, At around 4 PM, We got down at the River Front. Next in the list was Wat-Pho.

Amazing BANGKOK Skyline!!!

Get a completely Different view of Bangkok!!! Cruise Life :)

Wat Pho was a huge temple and entire outside walls of it were having carvings. I went to the garden which was infront of Wat Pho temple. After doing some photography, I lay down in the lawn and used my beg as a pillow. I resumed my book "The secret of Nagas!" I got lost into it until it got dark. I looked around and found out that only few local shopkeepers remained and yesss that Glowing Wat Pho! It was beautiful!!!

Two of the Things I love - Traveling & Photography
Khali dimag & Solo trip... Bhakchodi to banti hai ;)
Despite of Ayuththya & Cruise, This was the best thing I did that day!
They say You should see Wat Pho at Night... Indeed! Glorious!

Chapter III - Learn & Master the Art of Scuba Diving

Hello Guys, Next four days were all about living my dream... Scuba Diving... There is a huge difference between learning scuba and just doing scuba… On Thrusday and Friday, We got swimming pool sessions by SSI instructor Athigun. people call him “Gun”. Now that's creativity ;)! We learnt basics, mainly how to control Buoyancy as well as few safety trainings like what if your buddy's Oxygen got over or your oxygen got over etc.

After receiving last session, We were all set for the Action and Seamesan was the Island where It would be happening. few fects which we came to know post diving were due to lake of visibility and high currents under water, Seamesan was one of the most dangerous site for Scuba diving. Indeed!!! It was bloody damn dangerous site for Scuba diving… we experienced it during our 3rd Dive which we had to abort due to above mentioned reasons. In short, we were kind of rescued during our 3rd dive from the mid ocean. Well, I am skipping the full story here because it is irrelevant to this blog.

Post Dive, I realised, I am way stronger than what I thought. “You will only know your ability if you test them” By Vatsal Patel ;) . That aborted dive had taught me to “never give up!“. On Sunday 4PM, I had completed my 4th and final Dive. Here came that moment for which I struggled and injured myself, I became Licensed Scuba Diver!!! One of the most happiest moment of my life. Yayyyy!

Yeah... I was scared & Nervous!!!
"Hall of Fame" song had always given me that Zeal & +ve Energy

That's underwater view from my eyes... Wanna experience it?
You can't get the happiness of achieving something special, If you don't struggle!
I thought I'll do Scuba diving Once but Instead, I learnt It to do it whenever I want to!!!
Happiness is living your Dream!!! Yes, I am officially Certified Scuba Diver :)

Ferry Ride back to Rayong Pier!!

In the evening, we traveled back to Bangkok and after relaxing at Jai's Condo, we went to Soi Cowboy. Yes, It was a street with few strip clubs and lot of bars. We found a Bar with live music and grabbed chilled beers. We laughed over the beer on various things… Especially, Thai local girls trying to lure aged europeans :P. It was priceless!!! Oh not the girl but the moment ;)

"Good time was the one when you forget to click pictures ;)!"

If you visit Bangkok then you have to do shopping at MBK mall. I spent almost 4 hours there. It had everything one might want to buy. From clothes to electronics to handicrafts… you name it and it was there. Anyways, It was my time to say Good bye to Thailand and to Jai.

One with the Dude!

Khapam Khap Bangkok and Thailand!

Suddenly, I heard the announcement “outside temperature is 22 degree, Welcome to Bengaluru!” Finally, my 18 days trips filled with countless different experiences with many highs and lows came to an End!

Thailand has lot more than just strip clubs...