Things to Do in GOA

It took me 3 different trips to Goa including 2 small ones to south Goa and a week trip to North Goa to figure out things to do and places to visit in Goa.

1. One should take a Trip to goa for once in a life-time with best buds and do all sort of crazy things, “Because whatever happens in Goa stays in Goa!”

My Dil Chahata hai Gang!

2. Explore Goa by yourself. Rent a Vehicle and explore. I still feel renting Activa is the way to go then renting bikes! It’s more of a Goa thing.

Explore Goa like Goans!

3. Roam around the beaches in Shorts. Go shirtless and enjoy the tides of lovely Ocean. Don’t think how you look or what others’ think because “Hey! You are in Goa with your best buds so you have to do crazy things.” You won’t be finding cooler ppl then Goa anywhere in India so Relax.

Goa gaye and pani me nahi gaye to kyu gaye?? ;)

4. “Save Water and Drink Beer!” There are several reasons but one of the most important One is Beer here are cheapest and taste wise the best!

Save water, Drink BEER!!!

5. Enjoy the Shack Life. Take any place such as BAGA or ARAMBOL of North Goa or COLVA or PALOLEM of South Goa, One must enjoy having lunch on Shack with Chilled Beer!

Tana nana na, I'm Loving It! :)

6. “Enjoy the spicy Goan Food!” Trust me it’s one of the most delicious Cuisines of India. The taste of wine in Goan chicken curry is indeed a thing one should try.

Goan style Chicken/Fish Curry! Yummmmmm.....

7. Again, Doesn’t matter whether you are with Family, Girl-Friend/Boy-Friend or with Friends, having Candle light dinner @ any Beach with natural music of Ocean will beat any damn ambience!

It was so peaceful! Incredible!

8. Visit pubs like Curlies or Liliput of Anjuna beach or any Pubs @ Baga beach or Martin’s of Colva. “You are in Goa! Most happening place on the earth so party hard with friends!”

Go Crazyyy in pubs!

9. Goa is not only famous for its Beaches and Pubs but it has many numbers of Forts as well. Enjoy the incredible view of the Ocean from any of these Forts. AGAUDA Fort or Chapora Fort ( Fort of DIL CHAHATA HAI Movie ) of north Goa or My favorite CABO-DE-RAMA Fort of South Goa.

The Cabo-De-Rama Fort, has one of the best view one can get in Goa!

10. Take a day trip to South Goa till Palolem Beach on your Rented Activa. “Take your Phone, open Google Map, Place location as Palolem Beach. Drive whatever route it shows. Trust me! you haven’t seen route prettier than this!” You will come to know the beauty of Goa. On the way visit Agonda Beach and Cabo De Rama Fort! View from Cabo De Rama is much better than Chapora Fort or let me re-phrase it, “Dil Chahata hai, movie wala Fort!”

Peaceful and Beautiful south Goa! You have to visit it in order to complete your Goa Trip!

11. Spend a Day @ Palolem beach. Enjoy the peaceful and silent and insanely beautiful Beach of Goa. Do Kayaking in the evening. Enjoy the sunset in the middle of the Ocean on your small Boat with your own company. This memory will beat any of the memories you will create in Goa.

The Best beach of Goa - The Palolem Beach. You can not skip it!

12. Well, everyone loves sports but water sports can’t be done anywhere so keep some money for the water sports as well. Because flying like a bird during Para Sailing or bumpy ride in Ocean on Jetsky is really a thrilling experience, one that will stay with you forever.

Enjoy the sunset in the middle of Occean in Kaya... Nostalgic!!!!!

13. “Gamble @ Deltin Casino!” Well, it's ok to try your luck and lose few bucks @ Casinos in Goa! This is one of the most unique Experience you will get in India.

Apne undar ke Gambler ko Jagavo!!!

14. Do Shopping from local markets @ Baga or Palolem or any such Markets. You won’t find cheap and unique stuff anywhere in the world.

Time to buy some Cheap and Unique stuff!

15. Goa has many amazing churches. Take Visit to any Church of Goa. “It’s really a thing one should not miss when he/she visits goa!”

Amazing St Mary's Church in Panjim!

16. Last but not the least, Enjoy the SUNSET from any of the beaches. It's really beautiful.

Amazing Sunset @ Palolem Beach!

Indeed, Goa has something for everyone!

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