Memorable Munich

Day XIV: Evening in Munchen

Munich was just a layover to avoid a long train journey to Swiss. Also, we decided to visit it to add to the number of countries we had visited on our current Eurotrip! We boarded the train from Vienna at 10:30 AM. The Journey which should take four and a half hours, had taken 2 additional hours due to heavy rain. which was why we reached Munich at 4:00 PM instead of 2:00 PM and we left with mere 2 hours to explore Munich. The train passed through the Alps therefore despite sitting for 2 additional hours on the train we weren't bored.

~ Beautiful Journey Through Alps ~

As we didn't have lunch, when we reached our hotel, we were starving. Even if we were running late, we decided to eat something and then go on a Munich excursion! I made 2 minutes वाली Meggi in 10 minutes, had it in another 10 minutes and then left for Munich Central.


~ Prototype of Munchen Old City ~

We lost all hope because it would be impossible to visit anything in 3 hours. We went to Munich's central square where we saw a huge twin tower church. Now, Being a Hindu and living in India, I never got a chance to attend Chrisitan Prayers. I went to Goa and visited many churches but never got a chance to attend the Sunday Mass or prayers. But when we entered the cathedral, we came to know that the prayer would start at any time from now. Also, anyone could attend it. hence, we occupied an empty bench and attended the prayer. The atmosphere was surreal. Even though the prayer was in German language and I wasn't able to understand a single bit of it, I loved every bit of It. I felt similar vibes and peace of mind that I used to get in Saibaba temple!


~ Cleansing of Soul ~

Munich would be the place where I had attended my first catholic prayer!

After the prayer, we walked towards Munchen Square, A must-visit place in Munich. We sat at one of the open bars at the Square and drink beer. It would be considered a sin if you would visit Germany and won't drink Beer 😜

~ Pleasant Munich Old Town Sqaure ~

After a while, we decided to eat Indian food as we got tired of eating Pizza & Breads. So I googled the locations of nearby Indian restaurants and I found one which was just 400 Meters from our location. It was decided that we would be eating in chutneys. The moment we opened the door, we could smell the Indian spices, "Wow! जितना हो उतना घूमो और जितना बी खाओ, लेकिन satisfaction मुर्ग मसाला और चपाती से ही मिलता है!"We ordered Chicken gravy, Chapati & Biriyani. Surprisingly, the menu also had Kingfisher could you imagine? That too, India वाली Kingfisher 😜. The food was delicious I ate like an animal 😜 From the restaurant, we walked back to Munich Central train station, boarded the metro and reached our Airbnb.

~ Foodgasm in Munchen ~

As they said: Zindagi बड़ी होनी चाहिए लंबी नहीं!". Likewise, don't think how much time you have spent in a country or at a tourist destination, think what new adventures or things you have tried in the given time!

~~ Alvida Munchen ~~

Its time to visit country with beuatiful landscapes, lakes and Alps, Switzerland. I named the entire series as The Heavenly Switzerland for the beautiful reasons. We began our journey from the beautiful Swiss Capital, Lucerne 👉 Heavenly Switzerland Part I