Yercaud – A Weekend Gateway From Bangalore

“Unplanned trips are the best ones because planned trips never happened.” Well, this was one such an unplanned trip. We finalized our trip at midnight on Friday and next morning @ 6:30 AM we hit the roads with our Bikes!

The place had covered one major aspect for which any biker or traveler would visit a place - "The ROADS!!!!" We got 200kms of NH44 - The Kanyakumari Highway which is One of the best in India followed by 20 odd km of the Ghat road, full of hairpin curves – A heaven for Riders!

As the place is just 220km from Bangalore and we were staying there for a night, we were not in a hurry and traveling at our own pace. Though my beast KarizmaR touched 120km/hours few times :P. We reached there in afternoon and had lunch!

Yercaud is very small town and in a way it is good as you don’t need to travel a lot for site seeing, unlike Wayanad where you have to travel a lot! In the evening, we went for boating @ Yercaud Lake! Lake was huge! you can get either paddle boat or speed boat. Well, We choose paddle one for a reason! It was the activity where all of us could relive our childhood memories, As you have to admit that During our childhood times paddling the boat had given us extream happiness while we were visiting any hill-station or Lake that offered boating! After 30 odd mins of boating, it became dark. So After having some evening snacks we went back to our room with fried Fish for dinner.

yercaud lake
Yercaud Lake - Relived my childhood memories of driving paddle boat!

We had dinner with Big Boss episode and 3-Idiot movie. Place doesn’t matter if you have good company and I had two of my most amazing friends with me So it was fun.

Next day was all about site seeing of Yercaud & riding back to Namma Bengaluru!

We had mix veg bhajji & tea in the morning breakfast @ Lady’s seat – A Valley view point! And it was the first site we visited for the day. We could see ghat road from there. In entire Yercaud the only animal we saw frequently was monkey!

lady's Seat view point
Lady's Seat View Point

Monkeys - Saw lot of them on the way, well, few were driving cars too 😉

Then went for Gent’s Seat! Which was again a valley view Point! We sat there for a while as it was peaceful before crowd came and ruined the peaceful environment and forced us to leave the place with their noises :(

Gent's Seat view point
Gent's Seat View Point

From there we went to pagoda point – Another valley view! The good part about this point was the path from Yercaud to pagoda point was very beautiful due to lashed green dense trees on both sides of the roads. While going, we passed by a Place where activities like Quad Biking & Zipline were happening. Definitely One for the adventure lover!

pagoda point
Pagoda Point

After spending a morning in the valleys, it’s time for us to visit the last place of the list – Kiliyur Falls. Well, the morning was decent with few really amazing valley view points! But kiliyur falls had just blown our mind! It was damn amazing! You need to climb down 250 steps to reach to Kiliyur falls! A much needed hiking activity to make a place complete tourist spot! We went inside falls, it was insanely cold but fun too! It’s definitely the best place of Yercaud.

250 steps
You need to work hard in order to see beautiful Kiliyur Falls!

kiliyur view scenes
Scenic Views on the way to Kiliyur Falls Hiking!

kiliyur falls
Kiliyur Falls - In one word, INCREDIBLE!

While returning, we had to climb up 250 steps. Which makes us damn tired and became so hungry. Luckily we got very tasty south Indian meal in lunch. Well, It’s time to say “Buh Bye Yercaud”!

While coming back, near Hosur, I suddenly saw the sun just above mountain range and stopped my bike parked It roadside. I sat there and enjoyed the amazing sunset, probably the only missing thing of a trip – Amazing Sunset. This is the best thing of a road trip, you see something awesome and you stop there to enjoy it!

sunset @ NH44
Beautiful Sunset! Complete treat to watch.

If you are rider or traveler and lives in B’lore, it’s worth a visit!

What else one could ask for a weekend gateway? Valley viewpoints, Waterfall where you can actually go into water, Adventure sports like Quad biking and Zipline and the most important thing for a trip, incredible roads!