ALLEPPEY - relax in the HOUSE BOAT with loved Ones!


It was May 2014 and my parents visited to Bangalore for the first time. Hence I wanted to plan a family trip. There are several very famous places in South India but I decided to visit God’s own Country Kerala. I planned 4 days trip where will be going to Allepy from Bangalore and then Munnar from Alley.

Well Alleppey turned out to be the very good choice of place. Alleppey is famous for Back-water. Back-water means “sea level is above the land level. ” Its unique experience one should definitely experience it.

We took a direct train from Bangalore City Station to Alleppey. We got down at 6am in Alleppey. 6am was bit early for our liking but that was the only train so we had to take it. From Railway station to Alleppey beach was approx 2km and we directly went there. The beach was very quiet. Rising sun, sound of waves and fresh morning air had freshened up my mood. We sat there for some time as we didn’t have anything to do but to wait, as House boat timing was 11am hence we had to kill 4 hours.

Sun Rise @ Alley Beach
Calm and Refreshing Alleppey Beach @ Early Morning

After some time my mom, sister and I started playing various games we used to play when I was a child. I felt like I never grown up only. Nothing had changed since 90s, the same way I was fighting with my sis, playing in sand with my parents and sis, going into waves by holding hand of my mom the way I used to in 90s at Tithal beach at our native.

My Favorite pic of this trip!!!
Luggage - It's more bcoz it's a Family Trip ;)

After spending such an awesome morning at Alleppey beach and reliving childhood it was bit sunny hence we went to a restaurant on the beach side. As Idli, Dosa and Vada was new for my parents we ordered proper south Indian breakfast, which was very good btw. After breakfast we decided to go to the peer from where we need to board house boat. I booked one delux 2BHK boat for us through one of my Kerala friend.

House Boat @ Alleppey

We reached there a bit early so had to wait for almost an hour. After a long tiring wait we finally boarded the house boat. When we were sitting in boat, I saw a proud look on my dad’s eyes for me. As it was me who had arranged this for him, that look and moment I can never forget.

Thank god! After waiting for an hour we finally got into our House Boat

They provided a cook and a sailor to us. Our journey started with a chilled welcome drinks A pineapple juice. From this moment to next morning everything was so royal and being a house wife my mom had enjoyed it the most. As today she didn’t have to do anything but to relax and enjoy whatever coming on her way :D. For entire day we had to just relax in boat and enjoy the ride, the view around Alleppey and Kerala style food. In the beginning of our journey there were lot of boats around us but then in reduced. We were chilling in boat. Our first stop was at Alleppey Market where we bought a fish for our lunch. Well if you don’t want to buy then they will cook some fish which was complimentary with the package. After that we stopped by and had Lunch break in the boat only. They Cooked Fish, Kerala Parathas, Rice and Veg curry for my mom. It was nice Lunch.

Welcomed with a chilled Pinnapple juice
My Favorite Masala Fried fish - Kerala Special!

Few Precious Moments :)

I'm always Mumma's Boy :)
Boat is safe as it's in the hand of Sailor Vatsal :P
Duck Farm - atleast Thousand Ducks will be there in this Pic.

After that, Mesmerizing view around Alleppey started. The journey from Lunch break to late evening was damn scenic. Though it was May, The weather was cloudy and even it drizzled a bit, which had made our journey even more beautiful. We played Cards and other games plus had unlimited conversations, It been years since we sat like that and had so many beautiful conversations. It was really the best decision of mine to go to Alleppey with family.

Few of the Incredible Pics of evening @ Alleppey! Weather was really amazing. Made our trip even more beautiful :)

Back water in Alleppey - where water level is higher then land level!!!
Enfield/Duke/Ninja of Alleppey!! People use this kind of boats for commute

They had provided us TV as well but we rarely needed it as we were so happy just to be able to spend time with each other. In the late evening, they stopped boat at a bank of the river for night stay. My parents went for a walk. Well, I thought I need to give them a moment or two so I stayed on a boat with my sis. That was it! At night we had Kerala style dinner and again played cards for some more time before sleeping.

Next morning we resumed our journey. Now we were heading back towards the Alleppey peer. They served nice breakfast. While returning we came across Alleppey town and saw many Churches and Schools and all. We reached to Alleppey peer at 9:30am. From there we went for Munnar.

Next Morning - Heading back towards Alleppey City
Proper south indian breakfast - Idli, Fruits, Omelet & juice!!!
Church on the way!
100% literacy in Kerala, bcoz they have schools everywhere :)
Finally it's time to say Farewell to Boat House & to the city of back water Alleppey!
Our companion for this trip - It was one of the best experiences of mine and a time well spent with my family. Thank you!

According to me specialty of Alleppey was really to spend time with your loved ones, enjoy the boat ride around beautiful Alleppey and amazing Kerala food.